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Chrome 12 Browser Released In Advance of Chrome OS Launch
Ross på ChromeAdvisor – for 4 måneder siden

With just a week to go before the launch of Google’s new Chrome OS cloud based operating system and the first Chrome OS powered Chromebook devices from Samsung and Acer being available, Google has released version 12 of the Chrome browser. The Chrome 12 browser will be embedded into the first publicly released version of […] *You may also like:* 1. Chrome OS Beta Update Brings Launch One Step Closer 2. Chrome Web Store Apps Grow Over 600% Since Launch 3. Chrome 9 Released to the Masses
Offline Gmail, Google Docs Returning August 1st?
Ross Paul på ChromeAdvisor – for 4 måneder siden

It was only a few weeks ago that we previewed the new features coming to the Chrome browser in version 12. Probably of most interest to many Gmail users was what would not be in Chrome 12, Google Gears. Gears, originally developed by Google as a way to enable support for enabling web applications to […] *You may also like:* 1. Drag and Drop Folder Uploads in Google Docs Now Enabled In Chrome 2. Google Adds Desktop Notifications for Gmail to Chrome 3. Google Cloud Print Update Marries Chrome with Android and iPhone


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